Intracell Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd.!

Company Profile

We are pharmaceutical company with strong determination to impart quality to life of people, by offering high quality medicinal products Intracell is committed to develop new medicinal products with the usage of advanced technology. We aim to launch products with enhanced release profiles to ensure better treatment compliance and dosage convenience Intracell is the company that offers all therapeutic range products Antibiotics, Antimalarials, Antihelminthics, antipyretics, Analgesics, Antihyperlipidemic etc

Our belief

Intracell offers, to the people, a complete range of innovative healthcare solutions that not only prevents the occurrence of diseases, but also improves quality of life.Intracell is committed to impart quality life and better health to all the people

Our Mission

We commit ourselves to total customer care by delivering world-class products and impart quality life and better health to all the people.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become market Leader by offering quality products at affordable prices to mankind.